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680,000 Hours of rides with Bicike(LJ) bikes – 13 JANUARY 2015

680,000 Hours of rides with Bicike(LJ) bikes – 13 JANUARY 2015


Do you still remember when we took a ride with the Bicikelj bikes through the streets of Ljubljana for the first time? This May, four years will have passed since we built 30 stations and equipped them with 300 bikes. Before its launch, the arrival of the Bicikelj system was announced with posters all over Ljubljana and with bikes placed on the roofs of bus shelters and on cables above the streets in the centre of the city. There was also a large number of visitors to the Prešernov trg information point, where citizens could see the new bikes first-hand and register with the system as users.

On the day of its launch, the Bicikelj system already had over 1,600 users ready to be among the first to try out the new bikes. Since that first day, the number of new users and daily bike rentals kept growing rapidly. After just one month of operation, the number of people using the Bicikelj system was as high as in cities where such bikes had been available for several years. Within one month, we gained over 13,000 users who did an average of at least six rides daily with each bike, or over 55,000 rides in total. The record number of bike rentals in a single day is 3,227, which means almost 11 rides with each bike.

So far, the system has 36 stations, 360 bikes and about 63,000 users, with about 28,500 of them being regular users with an active annual subscription. In a little over three and a half years, we have recorded nearly two and a half million bike rentals.


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