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Bicike(LJ) Achieves a Million Bike Hires and 40,000 Users


After a year and a half of operation, Bicikelj has 40,000 users who have taken over a million bike rides. On average, each of the 300 bikes in the system is hired at least six times per day.

According to a study conducted this October on 311 citizens of Ljubljana and its surroundings, Bicikelj is a very useful (said 79% of those questioned) and positive project (said 95% of those questioned). Practically everyone has heard of Bicikelj or know it well (98% of those questioned), with a fifth of those already having used it.

Over half of the people who have used Bicikelj bikes before use them every week. Nearly 23% of those use the bikes three times a week while more and more than 28% use them once or twice a week. 94% find the Bicikelj system very useful or useful for the city of Ljubljana, which coincides with the opinion of those questioned who said that Bicikelj is an extremely positive (52%) or positive project (43%). In terms of being useful for them personally, the people questioned gave it an average grade (40% of those questioned think that the system is useful for them personally). The study has also shown that people with a higher education are somewhat more familiar with the Bicikelj system and that the system is more often used by young people (25% aged between 15 and 30, 21% aged between 31 and 46 and 8% aged 46 or more).