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Over 16,200 users after just two months - 15.07.2011


Every day, there are new users registering for the Bicikelj system. After two months of operation, Ljubljana’s bicycles are being used by over 16,200 locals and visitors.

There were often over 3,000 or even 3,500 rentals a day in June, which means that every bicycle was rented more than ten times. The average duration of a ride is 25 minutes, and during those days, every bicycle was ridden for more than four hours. July in Ljubljana is characterised by the holidays, and users have been taking between 2,300 and 2,700 rides a day during the week, which is less than in June. There have been no reports regarding any problems when renting the bicycles or the operation of the system. If you require any assistance, call the Help Centre for Bicikelj users toll free at 080 2334.