To enjoy the advantages of the Bicikelj system all year round, subscribe directly online using a credit card. It's easy and quick!


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Pre-subscribe now - 14.04.2011


Would you like to enjoy the advantages of the annual subscription to Bicikelj system from Day 1? Subscribe now, directly, online, to use the self-service bike, the first day of the new service. Don't miss out on a single moment of Bicikelj system freedom !

The advantages of an annual subscription

Get around by bike all year round for just 3€.

This option means you can switch rapidly from one form of transport to another to complete or extend your journey. You won't need to get out your bank card every time to purchase daily subscription from the terminal.

Your journey times, the credit balance on your Bicikelj system account, your subscription expiry date… all this personal information can be accessed via the station terminal menu and on the website.

Subscribing: a simple, quick procedure

Thanks to the system of online payment by credit card, you can take out a subscription directly on Internet. Payment is fully secure. The procedure is simple, quick and avoids the need to apply by post.

Other options

Occasional users will be able to hire a bike weekly for 1€. This option is also useful for trying out the service before signing up to an annual subscription. Find all the relevant information online.