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Dear Users of the Bicikelj System,

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Bicike(LJ) Achieves a Million Bike Hires and 40,000 Users

After a year and a half of operation, Bicikelj has 40,000 users who have taken over a million bike rides. On average, each of the 300 bikes in the system is hired at least six times per day.

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BICIKELJ: notification of a change to the general conditions

Dear Bicikelj users!

In November, the general conditions of access and use of the Bicikelj system have changed, and you will be asked at the terminal to confirm that you agree to the new conditions the next time you rent a bicycle through the terminal system.

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Bicikelj received “Information strawberry” award

The Urbana uniformed card and the Bicikelj self-service system are the recipients of the 2012 Information strawberry award for the best achievement in the information society field in reference to general public. The award was granted by the leading Slovenian scientific research institute, the Jožef Stefan Institute, within the international conference that took place in Ljubljana in October.

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Modified general conditions of access and use

Before your next bicycle hire, the terminal will ask you to accept the new general conditions of access and use of the Bicikelj system.

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