To enjoy the advantages of the Bicikelj system all year round, subscribe directly online using a credit card. It's easy and quick!


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General conditions of access & use:


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Long-term subscriber


For just 3 €, you can hire a bike as often as you wish over a one-year period.

The first hour period of each journey is free. After the first 60 minutes, you pay the appropriate hourly hire rate. Consult hire rates online. Hours used will be debited to your bank account.

Your Bicikelj account

Your subscription makes hiring a bike quick and easy: identify yourself at the terminal with your Urbana card and PIN code and select a bike.

 You can also check the credit on your Bicikelj account and check journey payments, either at the station or on the website, under the heading "My Account".

Bank card: simple and quick

To save time and subscribe online without the need for correspondence, use your bank card to take out an annual subscription online. Payment is fully secure and the whole process takes only minutes.

You can also take out a subscription by direct debit. For a 1 year subscription, complete the subscription form and return it with a direct debit instruction to the following address :

Europlakat d.o.o.

Koprska ulica 98

1000 Ljubljana

The deposit (350 €) will only be debited if you fail to comply with the general conditions of access and use or if the bike is not returned within 24 hours.